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Develop safe transport solutions that protect human lives

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is causing a considerable transformation in the automotive industry, greater than any other witnessed before since the first automobiles were produced. Consumers expect to enjoy the benefits of new digital technologies, but they also demand safety and reliability.

AVs are a huge challenge and opportunity for automakers; however, developing them demands big changes to vehicle design and manufacturing.

To tackle the increased complexity, Siemens Autonomous Vehicle Development (AVD) offers an agile, cross-domain, model-based development solution with integrated data flows and software-based simulation capabilities, from chip design to full vehicle validation.

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Autonomous vehicle validation: Provides confidence your autonomous vehicle will perform safely

With new digital technologies impacting the automotive industry, the demand for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) is growing exponentially. It is forecasted that AVs will have a $7T market worth by 2050!

The challenges and possibilities for automakers are huge. An unprecedented transformation is required in the way the vehicles are designed, manufactured and sold. Technology players worldwide have joined the race for innovation in autonomous vehicle technology, so competition is intense and the traditional automotive industry needs to adapt fast.

To develop the safe, reliable self-driving vehicles the world is waiting for, a smarter approach to vehicle development capable of integrating all key technical disciplines in a closed-loop solution is needed.

Siemens Digital Industries Software for Autonomous Vehicle Development offers a full set of solutions to transform your processes from chip design to full self-driving car testing and validation, check out the eBook to learn more!

Self-driving car technology delivers reliable, safe vehicles

Future vehicles will be highly complex, cross-domain machines connected to other vehicles and to city infrastructure. At the core of these machines reside embedded software, chips, and electronics. These vehicles will rely on artificial intelligence; hence, they will require extensive testing and validation. Powerful testing tools will be necessary to guarantee the safety and reliability of AVs for passengers and the surroundings.

With this in mind, Siemens has made simulation technology one of the main elements in their Autonomous Vehicle Development solutions. Massive scenario simulation can be achieved through digital twin technology, a virtual twin of the AV systems on the chip, electronics, vehicle and city infrastructure level. Using a comprehensive digital twin enables testing and validation processes to be optimized for more accurate, faster results.

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Rethink your product development processes using integrated solutions for Autonomous Vehicle Development

To tackle the increased complexity of AVD, automakers must replace traditional siloed approaches for a system that enables all processes and domains to be integrated within a comprehensive digital solution. Taking innovation to the next level at the speed and cost required by the industry is only possible if your company achieves engineering effectiveness, from individual components to full systems, or, in other words, from chip to the city.

The Autonomous Vehicle Development solutions from Siemens offer an agile, model-based development with integrated data flows and software-based simulation capabilities. Greater design flexibility and exhaustive testing can be achieved with the digital twin technology, saving valuable time and costs while ensuring your AV designs are safe and reliable.

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