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Learn how component manufacturers can boost productivity with integrated SaaS PLM software

Reduce costs, speed up innovation with a cloud-based SaaS PLM

PLM for Component Manufacturers is a Teamcenter X industry solution that boosts your core teams' collaboration, enabling the sharing and reuse of product data to improve workflow efficiencies. By streamlining how you engage with your supply chain you can accelerate production and move your business.

Control production output with an integrated PLM solution

To compete with web-based manufacturers, you need to increase collaboration and communication with customers to manage multiple, complex production schedules and deliver on expectations.

Adopting an automated approach for moving orders to manufacturing release allows you to speed up order turnaround and improve your ability to collect and reuse valuable data. The ability to streamline the reuse of previous configurations and BOMs is key to saving time, increasing quality, and reducing costs to give you an edge over your competitors.

Benefits of PLM for Component Manufacturers

  • Standardize and automate processes for faster turnaround

  • Streamline the reuse of previous configurations and bills of material (BOMs) to manage multiple orders at the same time

  • Align manufacturing and engineering teams to increase product quality

  • Boost real-time global user communication with cloud-based technology

  • Improve data tracking for improved regulatory compliance