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Equipment manufacturing modernization – retrofit to be IoT ready

Reading time: 20 minutes

Connecting older manufacturing equipment to an industrial cloud-centric Internet of Things (IoT) system is a large undertaking that can often seem too complicated. Yet several factors are making equipment manufacturing modernization increasingly accessible for companies seeking to leverage their current capital factory investments.

Check out this short e-book to learn how easily factories can be modernized and IoT connected with out-of-the-box tools.

IoT challenges and solutions

80% of all IoT projects fail at the implementation stage as companies face multiple challenges when trying to modernize an existing manufacturing facility with aging assets. From security concerns to outdated sensors or disconnected product lines in the factory, getting multiple machines connected to a central location has its own unique set of obstacles to overcome.

Siemens solutions have been developed to specifically address these obstacles. Insights Hub, the industrial IoT-as-a-service solution from Siemens, tackles the connectivity of disparate, old machines in a very flexible and secure manner.

IoT as a Service connects brownfield plants

Manufacturers can save millions by retrofitting a brownfield manufacturing plant instead of building a new facility. Insights Hub industrial IoT-as-a-service solution provides what you need for brownfield connectivity. Some features include:

  • Support for a large range of protocols
  • Bidirectional encrypted data communication
  • Data transformation and analytics at the edge and in the cloud
  • Available and ready-to-deploy applications and solutions

IoT ready – Implementing Insights Hub

Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, Insights Hub powers IoT solutions to the cloud with data to optimize operations, create better quality products and deploy new business models. Implement Insights Hub how and where you want: on the public cloud through hyperscalers, such as AWS, Azure and Alibaba Cloud; on a private virtual cloud; on a private local cloud (with the Siemens-IBM-Red Hat turnkey solution); or on a hybrid cloud environment.

Read the e-book to discover how quickly your facility can become IoT ready by implementing Insights Hub.