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Real-time collaboration software for the energy industry

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Complexity and competition are transforming the energy and utilities (E&U) industry. To increase profitability while meeting challenging emissions reduction targets, E&U businesses must incorporate innovative work strategies and technology. Download our Low-code Application Development E-book to learn how real-time collaboration software empowers stakeholders across enterprises to work closely together to quickly develop solutions for complex problems. Non-IT-workers can easily create sophisticated low-code applications that connect isolated data sources with capital assets, eliminating silos while dramatically improving business productivity.

Leverage low-code tools to drive innovation

Low-code tools help E&U businesses meet customer needs while adapting to market changes. From product design through process optimization, our low-code platform enables stakeholders to work together in a collaborative environment to define requirements, incorporate feedback, manage deployments and monitor applications. As a result, production times may be significantly reduced and on-demand design changes can be easily integrated, promoting new opportunities to develop innovative solutions. Our low-code platform can also be deployed in the cloud, allowing access from any device at any time. By connecting your existing data sources through our cloud-ready ecosystem, your entire enterprise can gain insights from previously hard-to-access data.

Update legacy systems to thrive in application development

Many E&U businesses use outdated legacy systems that fail to exchange information across the enterprise. These systems have created data silos that limit awareness of events throughout the lifecycles of operations and assets. Using our simplified visual development tool, workers without computer programming knowledge can quickly build sophisticated applications to connect isolated data sources and unleash their insights. Achieve greater innovation and collaboration while lowering costs. Learn how low-code software helps E&U businesses by downloading our e-book.

Reduce time-to-market by implementing low-code development

Our low-code solution helps E&U business reduce time-to-market, while on-demand collaborative design changes promote greater innovation opportunities. Because first-to-market businesses with new products usually capture half of the total market and establish price points, E&U companies can receive significant financial benefits from empowering teams to deploy quickly and effectively. Embrace low-code development to help your employees create adaptable and modern enterprise applications without relying on your IT teams.