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PLM benefits of the digital twin and the digital thread for smart, connected product development

To deliver the smart features today’s customers now demand, your products must incorporate electronics, electrical systems, and software, along with mechanical product designs.

Read this ebook by Lifecycle Insights to explore the key technology enablers to face this product development challenge – the digital twin and the digital thread.

Prepare for the shift to increasing product complexity

The shift to smart, connected products is fraught with challenges brought on by rising complexity across all design domains. Customers and markets now demand advanced, intelligent features. Compared to traditional products, these features require more processing power, faster sensor-enabled sampling, and more network bandwidth. Satisfying these demands is no simple task.

In this Lifecycle Insights ebook, “Building Smart, Connected Products: Leading Manufacturers Reduce Product Development Challenges with These Key Technology Enablers,” you will learn more about the challenges from a recent study of engineering executives and explore traditional and progressive solutions. (Read the companion ebook in this series, The Product Development Dilemma: Five Strategies for Product Development Leaders to Satisfy Product Requirements and Meet Delivery Deadlines.")

PLM benefit #1: Collaborating on the digital twin

This ebook can help your company take a progressive approach to smart product design and development by learning how to fully leverage the digital twin. A digital twin allows organizations to manage the design work of each team as an authoritative source of the truth. All design teams can access this digital definition. So, everyone can stay on the same page throughout the development process.

PLM benefit #2: Tracking and managing the digital thread

This ebook can help your company move forward, revealing the role of PLM solutions to track and manage the digital thread across your engineering teams and functional departments. Learn how contributors can manage their changes with ease and exchange definitions between engineering disciplines. The PLM solution provides an authoritative source of the truth for all stakeholders, helping them collaborate and keep up-to-date with the entire product design.

The top choice for PLM: Teamcenter and Teamcenter X

Teamcenter PLM is an adaptable, modern PLM software suite that can be delivered on-premise or as a service to transform the everyday. Learn how Teamcenter enables the most comprehensive digital twin and provides the digital thread to connect every stakeholder and process throughout the product lifecycle.

You can choose from flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud, SaaS) for fast time-to-value and lower cost of ownership. Adapt Teamcenter to your unique business processes with configuration, not customization – and extend PLM with integrations to other best-in-class domain and business applications.

Teamcenter is a PLM platform that is designed to grow and change with your business. These are just some of the highlights of Teamcenter X PLM on the Cloud.

Did you know you can take Teamcenter X for a test drive?