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Operational Excellence for Medical Devices: Streamline your manufacturing process

Enhance readiness, efficiency and quality of your production capabilities

Rising energy and raw-material costs, coupled with global supply chain disruptions, have led to increased expenses and decreased profitability for medical device manufacturers. Meeting compliance regulations, sustainability expectations and industry standards further complicate operations. Adapting production and logistic capacities to enhance performance while maintaining quality and compliance presents a formidable challenge in an increasingly complex landscape.

Siemens offers platform-based software solutions empowering medical device facilities to optimize manufacturing and supply chains digitally. Achieve operational readiness, efficiency and quality through digital twins, flexible planning, and centralized production data tracking. Seamlessly plan new production lines, anticipate changes and ensure regulatory compliance.

Rethink your operational approach based on data evidence using digital tools

Siemens Operational Excellence for Medical Devices empowers you with platform-based software solutions to efficiently optimize manufacturing and supply chain networks by digitalizing processes. It helps facilities achieve:

• Operational Readiness via production digital twins

• Operational Efficiency via flexible planning and production workflow

• Operational Quality via centralized production data

Efficiently manufacture high-quality products through an integrated digital system

Through simulation with a production digital twin, accurate execution of operational plans, and digital production data tracking, manufacturers can improve capacity and maintain compliance. Solutions include advanced modeling and simulation, agile manufacturing and logistics, supply chain optimization and centralized production data tracking. These tools automate processes, ensure operational quality and enable adaptation of production capacity while maintaining compliance.

Read the ebook to learn how Siemens Operational Excellence for Medical Devices provides clear-cut software solutions that will improve and strengthen every facet of medical device manufacturing.