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Operational Excellence for medical devices: streamlining your manufacturing process

Siemens Operational Excellence for medical device product development

The pandemic was a catalyst, displaying inefficiencies found in medical device manufacturing (MDM) and spurring the changes needed to improve and adapt to any variation in industry trends, regulations and/or supply chain circumstances. But how can inefficiencies in processes and production be modified without sacrificing quality or compliance?

The answer is a platform-based software solution. Siemens Operational Excellence for Medical Devices is an optimal means to digitalize and automate outdated systems. It results in:

  • Improved production planning that anticipates change

  • Accelerated speed-to-market to outrank the competition

  • Guaranteed accuracy in device history records

  • Reduced risk of rework and/ or downtime

And more...

How to Enhance Readiness, Efficiency, and Quality in Medical Device Production Facilities

Operational excellence infiltrates every aspect and stage of medical device manufacturing production.

Operation readiness implements a digital twin to model and replicates plant operations for optimal methodology, application, and execution.

Operational efficiency is accomplished through the constant dynamic formulation and implementation of a production plan optimizing production schedules, workflow, and change management across operators and machines.

Operational quality validates the accuracy of production records for important performance and quality features, ensuring accurate electronic Device History Records (eDHR).

Why Medical Device Manufacturing Process is Critical to Product Development

To optimize medical device manufacturing, it’s critical to simulate plant operations with a production digital twin and to accurately execute your operational plan and procedures. Advanced modeling and simulation can help teams be ready for any risks that may come because they were provided with an accurate way to virtually test their manufacturing process, locate issues and adapt process changes.

The Benefits of an Integrated Digital System for Medical Device Manufacturing

Manufacturing requires digital twins. Through simulation, a production digital twin facilitates operability by providing manufacturers with a realistic virtual testing environment. It can identify challenges, evaluate different scenarios, and modify procedures in real-time for achievable, nearly seamless operations.

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