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The state of the art in CFD simulation in the Oil & Gas industry

Reading time: 145 minutes

Within the Oil & Gas industry, engineering designs have traditionally been developed using empirical analysis, physical testing and experience-based learning in the field. While these approaches remain important, the rise of simulation-based design, and particularly Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation, offers engineers the opportunity to explore designs and system operation digitally through detailed, accurate prediction of a wide range of physical and chemical behavior.

In this special report, we present how engineers and scientists from leading companies like TechnipFMC and OneSubsea are deploying Simcenter software in the design and operation of a range of oil and gas products and systems. A diverse range of applications and challenges are discussed including:

- Downhole tool optimization
- Subsea and flow assurance risk reduction
- Offshore and marine design
- Technical safety
- Process equipment design performance

Watch the on-demand webinar to get more insights on how Atkins uses a digital twin in the oil and gas industry to improve LNG plant safety

Watch the webinar to learn how digital twins helps oil and gas companies to predict and perfect the performance of their subsea designs, throughout the lifetime of the asset.