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Oil and gas journal top tips today

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The oil and gas industry has been at technology’s forefront in oil extraction, transportation and refining. Yet the industry has been slow to digitalize its assets, projects and business processes. To help boost business innovation, the Oil and Gas Journal has created an ebook with common challenges within oil and gas companies, tips to identify these challenges and digital solutions offered by Siemens. Download the Oil and Gas Journal top tips today to learn how to better manage the complete lifecycle of your capital assets.

Oil and gas technologies

With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives challenging the industry, oil and gas technologies must be improved to help companies achieve high ESG rankings while meeting governmental regulations and mandates. By adopting Siemens’ digital solutions, oil and gas companies can integrate data from across their enterprise, eliminating information silos while improving operational efficiency and decision-making.

Importance of systems interoperability

Oil and gas companies typically use software from multiple vendors, making it difficult to achieve software and systems interoperability. Siemens develops software using open standards when possible to promote interoperability and connectivity while helping businesses save time and money.

Jumpstart innovation with an application development platform

Improve efficiency and innovation inside oil and gas companies using Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of software. It includes an application development platform for electronic and mechanical design, system simulation, manufacturing, operations and lifecycle analytics. Non-computer-programmers can use our low-code development platform to create powerful applications that connect data from different systems simply by dragging and dropping within the tool.