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NX CAM: Maximizing Machining Efficiency through Digital Part Manufacturing

Accelerate your machining processes and digitalize part manufacturing to achieve high-performance production with Siemens NX CAM.

NX CAM Brochure
Choosing the right CAM software can save significant time and cost, enabling high-performance production and automation of your machining processes.
Siemens NX CAM software achieves these goals seamlessly by providing a robust, all-in-one solution engineered to optimize machining workflows from initial part design to precision toolpath generation and seamless integration with CNC machines.
Download the brochure to explore how NX CAM, a comprehensive software adopted across various industries, can assist part manufacturers like you in achieving reduced programming time, shorter machining cycles, higher part quality, streamlined operations, and tailored solutions to meet specific business needs.

Key capabilities of NX CAM

By reading this brochure, you'll discover how Siemens NX CAM brings a complete set of NC programming capabilities together in one CAM system across many industries: aerospace, automotive, medical device, mold and die, and industrial machinery offering key features such as:

  • Automated programming: Feature-based machining (FBM), Turning, Wire EDM, process templates, attribute-driven programming

  • Advanced machining strategies: High-Speed Machining, Adaptive Milling, Multi-Axis Machining

  • Postprocessing and simulation: Post Hub, Smart Machine Kit Solutions

  • Integrated solutions: Siemens Xcelerator portfolio (CAD, Teamcenter, Mcenter)