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Discover How IoT Enables Industrial Machinery Designers and Operators to Deliver New Value

How can you use IoT in industrial machinery to make your business real money?

As the technology landscapes evolve, industrial IoT (IloT) solutions allow businesses to implement digital business models that create revenue and deliver new value to customers.

This ebook offers insight into new ways that industrial machinery builders can monetize the industrial IoT as well as demonstrate the value they deliver.

New Business Models and Revenue Streams with Smart Machine Building

Industrial IoT enables manufacturers to increase machine performance, differentiate their offerings, and create additional opportunities to generate revenue with smart industrial machinery. Some examples of new revenue streams include:

  • Maintenance as a service
  • Machine optimization as a service
  • Pay-per-use or leasing options
  • Dynamic warranties
  • Low-code application development

Connected Machines, Smart Equipment

As operational complexity grows, industrial machine manufacturers are using digitalization with smart, connected machines to remain competitive. IIoT-enabled solutions connect every machine and system in the enterprise to deliver better productivity and efficiency. Automation is also driving new remote assistance and maintenance tools, thus reducing field-service costs. Buyers are also expecting new and more flexible purchasing options in this dynamic environment.

Download this short ebook to discover five new ways to monetize the industrial IoT and leverage modern, ready-to-use, fully integrated solutions into your business plan.