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Model-based systems engineering for aerospace

Learn what MBSE is and how this digital thread can help you improve program execution for long-term wins. This e-book provides an overview of model-based systems engineering for aerospace and details the benefits of the MBSE digital thread with an accessible, flexible and scalable product lifecycle management solution from Siemens.

Download the e-book to find out how you can beat the competition with MBSE.

Benefits of aerospace model-based systems engineering

Aerospace and defense organizations are facing common challenges as products become more complex. The benefits of aerospace model-based system engineering are realized with respect to overcoming these business challenges, such as difficulty showing compliance with regulatory and customs requirements, managing cumbersome, document-centric engineering systems and increasing cost and risks due to integration of complex systems and supplier relationships. MBSE enables multi-disciplinary optimization through digital transformation.

Simplify aerospace design complexity with MBSE

If your organization is frustrated with disconnected systems and the inability to track requirements and architecture implementations, this e-book will show you how to simplify aerospace design complexity with MBSE. When you drive technical scope through a comprehensive MBSE digital thread, you gain full knowledge-sharing, capturing design decisions as your product matures and linking them to requirements, and the ability to integrate complex supply chain and product interfaces.

Connect people and data with an aerospace digital thread

Like an aircraft, the aerospace systems engineering process is extraordinarily complex. It becomes more so with each innovation – and innovation comes frequently in our industry.

MBSE ensures previously disparate parties will be working toward a single common truth and outcome to manage complexity. You can connect the people, data and systems throughout aerospace product development with a digital thread to achieve better regulatory and requirement adherence, fewer integration issues and delivery on schedule and on budget.

Streamline aerospace manufacturing with MBSE solutions

Many organizations are looking for ways to streamline aerospace manufacturing with MBSE solutions, but most people involved have questions and concerns – especially about where to start, what are the costs and what is the best process for implementation. The best way to implement MBSE depends on your future goals and where you are today.

Download the e-book to learn more about MBSE, how it can benefit your organization and how solutions from Siemens can help. You will see that while it is possible to begin using our full suite of products at once, our flexible product lifecycle management system can integrate your existing tools, making it easier and cost-effective to connect people and processes across functional silos throughout your enterprise.