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Orchestrate your technical program with model-based systems engineering

Reading time: 4 minutes


What happens when an industry goes through a period of massive innovation? Great things! However, with those great things come challenges. Particularly, these challenges stem from meeting trends in the aerospace and defense industry. This ebook will highlight the current industry megatrends and how to utilize the MBSE digital thread to accelerate product development.

Become a true digital enterprise with model-based systems engineering

Model-based systems engineering is at the core of creating a digital enterprise that brings together software design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, multi-domain modeling and simulation.

Orchestrate your technical program through model-based systems engineering

The benefits of driving scope by moving from system modeling to the comprehensive MBSE digital thread allow you to:

  • Track requirements and architecture implementations throughout design to verification
  • Capture design decisions as your product matures
  • Integrate complex product and supply chain interfaces
  • Flexible and open multi-tool solution

Download the ebook to learn how.