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Explore the power of an integrated manufacturing execution system (MES) for medical devices

Meeting next generation manufacturing goals in the medical device industry requires personalizing a manufacturing execution system (MES) to accelerate adoption, collaboration, and efficiency. The MES, combined with a low-code, multiexperience development platform, offers rich functionality and a flexible user experience (UX), empowering the workforce to drive innovation. Personalization of the MES is crucial to accommodate new product introductions, variants, and process changes quickly and efficiently. Traditional approaches of relying on expert software developers or having the production team adapt to standard UX have limitations. However, using low-code platforms allows for in-house personalization, reducing costs and complexity while maximizing the quality and productivity benefits of the MES.

Maximize the value of your MES with low-code adaptability

The traditional approaches of relying on expert software developers or adapting to standard UX options can be costly and time-consuming. But now, with our low-code MES solution, you can empower your production team to personalize their user experiences without complex coding. Your team can easily customize the solution to their specific requirements by leveraging low-code capabilities and prepackaged UX templates.

Benefits of low-code MES personalization

  • Adapt to change: Stay ahead in the face of rapid change with an adaptable MES that keeps up with evolving processes, technologies, and market demands

  • Accelerate workflows: Enable your team to make better, faster decisions by providing personalized screens that deliver critical information

  • Leverage tribal knowledge: Harness the expertise of your frontline manufacturing team, empowering them to drive innovation and streamline processes

Download our ebook to learn how the MES functionalities of Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Pharma combined with the embedded low-code capabilities of Mendix help you create an excellent environment to support your entire team’s information and functionality needs in today’s market.