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Easily sync your maritime software and data with drag and drop technology


The maritime industry is experiencing rapid change, putting pressure on design bureaus, manufacturers and shippers alike. Managing the growing complexity and evolving to overcome challenges will involve speeding up digital transformation.

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Accelerate digital transformation in maritime industry

Major trends such as sustainability, increased competition, interconnectivity and increasing demand for high-tech, multi-role vessels are driving the need to accelerate digital transformation in the maritime industry.

Improve marine manufacturing efficiency

Utilizing a low-code development platform can help the industry address this explosion of complexity by improving marine manufacturing efficiency, modernizing legacy systems, accelerating innovation and improving user experience. Maritime organizations are managing, storing and exchanging growing volumes and varieties of data. Building applications to manage this increasing amount of data using traditional hand-coding methods is inefficient and expensive.

Inclining test app

A low-code app can act as a data exchange platform, putting the right information in the hands of the right people whenever and wherever they need it. An inclining test app with a bi-directional connection to Teamcenter allows inspectors to indicate exactly what equipment is present on a 3D rendering. 

Ship inspection issue management app

A ship inspection issue management app can facilitate inspections inside and outside the vessel. This low-code app can integrate with bespoke hardware as well as any PLM system to ensure smooth follow-up and issue resolution.

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