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Optimize business operations with custom IoT solutions

With the popularity of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), organizations are challenged with creating customized applications that support their unique IoT-centered use cases. They need a simple and smooth means of deploying their IoT solutions, but this is difficult to achieve using conventional approaches to software development.

RT Insights – an independent research firm – partnered with Siemens Software to explore how applications built using low-code development could extend the value of the industrial IoT.

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Leverage IIoT advantages

For a business to be able to leverage IIoT advantages with data collection, analytics and automation features that IoT devices offer, they need to have software solutions in place. Implementing an efficient, flexible software development solution should be a core part of any industrial IoT strategy. Organizations need a way to customize applications that support their unique IoT-centered use cases.

Scaling IoT with low code

Low code empowers businesses to do more with fewer developers by reducing the total time to develop applications. This allows businesses to develop highly customized and specialized applications without having to find and recruit professional developers.

A low-code approach to development enables every stakeholder within the organization to scale their IoT and build the solutions that he or she needs to get the most from their data.

Shadow IT and IoT integrations with low code

To gain the greatest benefits from IoT data, businesses must be able to shadow IT and IoT integrations by running their IoT networks smoothly with other IT systems. With the help of low-code capabilities, developers can take advantage of pre-built integrations that make it much faster and easier to integrate their IoT resources with other IT assets.

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