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Low code is an agile development methodology

The pressures on manufacturers are enormous as companies need to find ways to lower cost, improve quality and shorten time to market.

Using agile development methodologies powered by low-code application development is an excellent approach for the true digitization of a business.

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Benefits of low-code development

Some key benefits of low-code development include:

  • Staff at all levels and skills can easily create personalized, business-specific solutions
  • Tools are easier to upgrade, more sustainable, and cost efficient
  • Components can be re-used in other applications
  • Improved app agility across multiple devices

Create your own app

Mendix is designed to make it easy for domain experts to co-create personalized applications and processes, and integrate data across diverse, distributed information repositories. As part of forming a complete digital thread, businesses can create and use their own unique applications regardless of whether those apps are deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or on the edge.

Connect business data with low code

Create business-specific applications faster with low-code development. These low-code applications allow users to connect business data across functional domains and the enterprise value chain – creating the digital thread of information and collaboration required to accelerate business and individual performance.

Enterprise low code

Mendix addresses business problem spaces by applying a low-code approach to areas of technology such as collaboration, data integration, workflow, multi-experience solutions, AI and cloud. It enables domain experts and professional developers to individually and collaboratively create enterprise-grade low-code applications that address the needs of the business.

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