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Use low-code tools to streamline your industrial IoT projects

While the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has opened unprecedented opportunities for businesses, it also creates challenges for stakeholders to ensure that their needs are reflected in application deployments.

RT Insights - an independent research firm - partnered with Siemens Software to explore how applications built using low-code development could extend the value of the industrial IoT.

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Advantages of IoT

For businesses to take full advantage of the data collection, analytics and automation features that IoT devices offer, they need to have software solutions in place. Implementing an efficient, flexible software development solution should be a core part of any industrial IoT strategy. Organizations need a way to create customized applications that support their unique IoT-centered use cases.

Low-code solutions

Businesses can resolve collaboration challenges by adopting a low-code development strategy. With a low-code approach, organizations can create custom applications for IoT use cases and maximize the number of data sources they leverage to help manage processes. Low-code solutions act as the building blocks of an application, saving developers the time they’d usually spend coding from scratch.

IoT integrations

To gain the greatest benefits from IoT data, businesses must be able to integrate their IoT networks smoothly with other IT systems. With the help of low-code capabilities, developers can take advantage of pre-built integrations that make it much faster and easier to integrate their IoT resources with other IT assets.

Mendix and MindSphere

Siemens has brought the best of both worlds together in an integrated solution of MindSphere and Mendix. MindSphere IoT solutions, built to leverage Mendix, the low-code platform, enable businesses to simplify deployment into cloud-native environments in a way that conventional approaches to development simply cannot match.

Read this new white paper to learn more about how applications built to leverage Mendix help businesses thrive in the age of IoT.