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Journey towards digital manufacturing with manufacturing operations management

Due to increasing technology and product complexity, regulatory requirements and supply chain issues, the medical device space can be a challenging industry for manufacturers to navigate. COVID-19 further disrupted the industry but paved a way for a digital society.

Today, competing in this industry means manufacturers need the proper digital manufacturing foundation to address growing requirements. A manufacturing operations management (MOM) system is part of the digital foundation that can improve quality and reduce cost when it comes to developing a medical device.

Key capabilities of MOM for medical device manufacturers

MOM is the digital foundation that enables enforceable, proactive and paperless manufacturing. For medical device manufacturers, this infrastructure creates a self-auditing electronic device history record/electronic batch record to support regulatory compliance using the digital twin. Learn more about the capabilities of MOM for medical device manufacturers, including vertical integration, analytics and more.

How SMB manufacturers in the medical device industry can accelerate growth

Small-to-medium sized manufacturers face additional challenges when competing with leaders in the industry. There are additional factors that create urgency around speed, efficiency and the path to regulatory approval. These factors include resource constraints and less support. Learn how implementing a better digital infrastructure can accelerate growth for SMB manufacturers.