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Discover manufacturing efficiency for medical devices through Operational Excellence

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of operational and manufacturing efficiency for medical device manufacturers. The global pandemic compelled companies to gain the ability to quickly anticipate the design and installation of new production lines and to become more flexible in production capacity, as things can change directions quickly.

Operational Excellence tools tackle the challenges of manufacturing efficiency by enhancing shop-floor processes across operators and machinery for improved productivity and flexibility. This helps companies attain digital continuity throughout every stage of production.

How Operational Excellence tools help to improve operational efficiency in manufacturing

Siemens Operational Excellence tools help manufacturers achieve operational efficiency by:

  • Automating workflow and change management

  • Optimizing production schedules

  • Elevating cycle times and production rates

  • Improving compliance and decision-making

  • Industrializing additive manufacturing

  • Managing computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) data

Learn how to enhance your manufacturing plans and data today.

Achieve agile manufacturing capacity with advanced management capabilities

Operational Excellence digital tools deliver key capabilities to support and execute manufacturing planning. They provide one environment to capture all manufacturing data from different systems to help manage global production scenarios. Through these tools, medical device companies can ensure the engineering bill of materials (BOM) is aligned and compliant with design requirements. They can define and verify processes with stakeholders early in the product lifecycle. Teams can also easily create detailed work instructions and include references to required parts and tooling. This is just the beginning.

Benefits of operational efficiency in medical device manufacturing

Operational Excellence digital solutions enable manufacturers to automate processes to maximize overall engineering and manufacturing productivity. This means there is accuracy and alignment across the entire organization. Quality and speed of new product introduction improves. Costly late design changes are eliminated. Delays and rework are minimized. Download the ebook.