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Accelerating the Medical Device Development Process for Optimal Product Outcomes

For medical device designers and manufacturers, regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly complex. They need to accelerate the development of innovative products that are easy and safe for medical professionals and patients and fulfill specific customer requirements.

Solid Edge® software, part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, helps medical device manufacturers respond to major trends impacting the industry. The Solid Edge portfolio includes a market-leading CAD application, enables manufacturers to create a digital twin of their products and collaboration with manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Download this eBook to discover all the ways to leverage software for optimal product outcomes.

Medical device manufacturers can better respond with Solid Edge

For medical device manufacturers to respond to trends and succeed in competitive global markets, manufacturers will benefit from improving performance in numerous important key process areas highlighted in this eBook. Improving product development performance will allow medical device manufacturers to better respond to changing market demands.

Solid Edge is a portfolio of affordable, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process. The software offers solutions for mechanical design, electrical design, simulation, manufacturing and technical publications.

Download this eBook to discover all the medical device development solutions from Siemens’ Solid Edge.

Implementing best practices for medical device development project management

Global competition is causing increased pressure to launch designs quicker and at a reduced cost. At the same time, medical devices must provide best-in-class performance, pleasing aesthetics and injury-preventing ergonomics. Improving development performance will enable medical device manufacturers to respond better to changing market demands.

Maximizing the potential of medical device development can help with innovative Siemens’ Solid Edge technology.

Increase cash flow and profit margins with Siemens’ Solid Edge

Using Siemens’ Solid Edge, regardless of your size as a medical device manufacturer, can improve design and development processes, help deliver high-quality products on time, and increase cash flow and profit margins.