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Innovative, safe medical devices to get to market quicker

There’s a rising demand in medical device manufacturing to produce more accessible, secure, efficient products. With Siemens Design Excellence simulation tools, manufacturers reduce risks and increase R&D efficiency. Data generated throughout the product design cycle is connected, providing streamlined design capabilities to launch quicker.

This ebook features customer wins in medical device product development, highlighting a reduction in electrical design change processing times for MRI machines and an increase in simulation speed for ultrasound scanner systems.

Download this ebook to learn how Siemens Design Excellence for medical devices helps manufacturers create innovative, safe medical devices and drive excellence through integration.

A robust, integrated solution to create high-performing, fully compliant devices

Advances in software and electronics enable smart, interconnected devices for improved effectiveness.With Siemens Design Excellence for medical devices, medical device design teams will have the capabilities to create efficient, high-performing, fully compliant products design through an integrated digital system backbone.

The robust simulation tools within Design Excellence enable an increase in design freedom and better design choices. A comprehensive digital twin coordinated for rapid simulations and prototyping helps save time and expenses. Linking core risk management activities and data across domains ensures collaboration and a sense of ownership for seamless design control and design change management.

Download this ebook to create and improve medical device design faster with a robust, integrated software solution.

Siemens Design Excellence for Medical Devices is attained across disciplines

In the medical device manufacturing industry, manufacturers can now create and improve product designs faster with Siemens Design Excellence for Medical Devices. Design Excellence is attained across all disciplines. A few examples include:

Systems engineering: Siemens’ systems engineering and simulation portfolio combines system simulation, 3D CAE and test to help predict performance across all critical attributes ahead of the game.

Mechanical design: Siemens’ portfolio of mechanical design products allows for the creation of 3D digital twins in a flexible, efficient medical device design environment.

Electrical design: Designers can build logical and physical electrical connectivity and provide buildable harness prints for manufacturing with Siemens Design Excellence solutions.