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MBSE For Dummies

Now available as a free audiobook.

Innovation propels aerospace and defense, an industry where safety is non-negotiable, and complexity is a given. MBSE For Dummies, Siemens Special Edition is a free guide to using complexity to your advantage to implement a structured, robust and agile process in the design, development, production and ongoing maintenance of super-complicated products, such as an airplane.

MBSE For Dummies recognizes the various stakeholders in the product development process and dissects the need for all involved to adopt a transformational mindset. Digitalized model-based systems engineering (MBSE) removes silo boundaries, fostering collaboration and interconnectivity for the next generation of advancement in aerospace and defense products ‒ or wherever you apply MBSE.

Access to the ebook includes options to download a PDF and an audio version, so you can get your free copy of MBSE For Dummies to read, listen to – or both – at your convenience.

Modernizing aerospace systems engineering

The MBSE-driven digital thread drastically improves program execution by allowing the following capabilities (more included in the book):

  • Define your system of systems using modeling to establish and continuously refine product requirements and architecture.

  • Optimize multidisciplinary design, ultimately leading you to the best design faster than ever.

  • Test virtually before you build to reduce the amount of testing, as well as the risk and the cost, and to ramp up your program efficiency.

  • Trace all requirements and verification plans to ensure that you achieve compliance.

Benefits of MBSE

An MBSE digital thread takes all product development data and connects it to make it accessible to the entire project team, with the added benefit of visibility into all things impacted by any change across the product lifecycle. The MBSE digital thread enables you to orchestrate your technical program to deliver positive results.

Today’s aerospace and defense challenges necessitate a move from document-centric model-based methods to a more comprehensive digitalized model-based systems engineering approach. That’s the only way to effectively manage product development, requirements flow-down and overall integration of design, analysis, validation and verification activities.

Aerospace MBSE cross-team collaboration

MBSE For Dummies, Siemens Special Edition explains how manufacturers can break down silos to foster cross-team collaboration. MBSE puts complex engineering and product data into an apples-to-apples comparison through a digital twin so that all stakeholders can understand information, regardless of department or discipline. This approach allows expertise to flow across domains and injects wisdom into the entire program.

MBSE encapsulates four basic patterns of architecture interoperability:

  1. Capturing the problem and the solution.

  2. Engaging others.

  3. Leveraging knowledge.

  4. Closed-loop verification and validation.

Is MBSE agile?

MBSE helps companies become more agile through better collection and management of information. Learn how to get to market faster, at a reduced cost, with fewer cost overruns or schedule glitches. Explore how MBSE can help you cut risk and get through testing and manufacturing with fewer failures.

The MBSE process helps companies leverage their complexity to become more effective and more competitive. Download the PDF or listen to the audiobook version of MBSE For Dummies, Siemens Special Edition to learn more.