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Mastering complexity through battery design software approach

Are you leveraging battery design software in a way that lets you master the complexity of balancing the many conflicting elements you must address to deliver quality batteries?

To achieve an outcome that will meet customer expectations you need to keep up with a myriad of requirements and set priorities during each design stage.

Download our ebook to find out how adopting a collaborative, quality-driven approach, enables you to:

  • Deliver quality batteries on time
  • Meet numerous application-driven requirements
  • Comply with increasingly strict sustainability policies
  • Meet safety standards

Set yourself up for battery passport compliance

Balancing the needs of power supply, material weight and energy density can create challenges in alignment, with conflicting requirements meaning compromises must be made. Clear goals and priorities need to be established and imposed to strike the right balance.

Doing so will help when it comes to meeting safety standards or sustainability policies, such as the battery passport in the EU. Documentation and tracking of decisions made during the design process are essential for demonstrating compliance and good practices if litigation arises.

Foster multidisciplinary design to detect and resolve issues before they happen

Siemens empowers you to consistently deliver batteries that meet compliance requirements and surpass customer expectations. Through Siemens Xceleratorâ„¢, our comprehensive software and services portfolio, available as a cloud-based SaaS solution, you gain access to all the essential elements for achieving and demonstrating design excellence. Download the case study to see how you can use Siemens Xceleratorâ„¢ to:

  • Let requirements drive design

  • Foster multidisciplinary design

  • Embrace change

  • Provide traceability