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The future of maritime transportation

Maritime transportation has been and will remain an essential part of cultural and commercial exchange. However, the industry is becoming increasingly complex, with high market volatility, constantly evolving requirements for new vessels and a skilled labor shortage.

To remain competitive, shipbuilding companies need to keep up with these evolving maritime transportation trends and requirements to offer value throughout the entire ship lifecycle. Download our new ebook to learn more.

Connect data at every stage of ship design and construction

A centralized data management system helps shipbuilders track ship configuration at every stage of design and construction. It ensures every team has access to the right information, in the right place, at the right time. The open flow of data removes communication blocks and fosters better collaboration. It also makes it possible for shipbuilders to provide value throughout the ship lifecycle because having all product and process information in one place helps them respond to future market, regulatory or technological challenges.

Leveraging bill of materials software during the shipbuilding process

Managing a ship’s data throughout the ship lifecycle comes with many advantages. Having a centralized data management system empowers teams to manage bills of materials and the overall complexity of the project throughout every stage of the shipbuilding process. Using software to manage bills of materials in one place ensures that shipbuilders effectively manage time and budget constraints.

Low-code platform: Personalized data applications for shipping vessels

Another way companies can better manage their data and put it to work for them is through personalized applications. A low-code platform enables companies to create applications that fit their business needs, without any software development knowledge. They can improve operational efficiency and accelerate innovation.

Eager to learn more about how a digital ship lifecycle management solution powered by effective data management can set you on the course for success? Download the ebook now.