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Manufacturing simulation for medical devices with the Production Digital Twin

As medical devices become more complex and customized products more common, keeping pace with regulatory standards and rapid changes in the market is difficult. Successfully navigating these challenges involves a renewed focus on Operational Excellence by simulating scenarios in advance. Siemens Production Twin can play an important role by connecting engineering and operations and creates a digital representation of the manufacturing process.

Simulation across all manufacturing levels with the digital twin

A digital twin offers medical device manufacturers the capability to conduct factory, plant and line simulation and process/workstation simulation. Companies can gain the ability to digitally model all aspects of their manufacturing operations for optimized efficiency in a virtual 3D environment.

Medical device manufacturing optimization with process simulation

It can be hard to pinpoint production issues without real-time information. The Production Digital Twin provides real-time visualization, machine-learning and what-if scenarios to enable closed-loop continuous improvements in production and costs. Implementation offers a clearer window into operations, minimizes risk, and reduces downtime and time to market.

How the Production Digital Twin helps manufacturers:

  • Create new business models
  • Improve collaboration between teams and organizations
  • Boost process and production efficiencies
  • Increase product and production quality
  • Speed up time to market