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How low code helps accelerate IM's transformation

Forward-thinking machine builders and equipment manufacturers are looking to emerging technology to confront industry problems.

For example, low-code and multi-experience application development solutions help machine builders create applications to complement existing software services.

Download this ebook and learn how leaders in the industrial machinery industry are building digital experiences to simplify customer engagement, automate workflows, and accelerate the development of digital services across the value chain.

Industry problems are varied and complex, but digital solutions can provide the speed, flexibility and resilience needed to continuously improve practices for operational excellence.

Trends shaping the future of manufacturing

Four major trends are shaping the future of manufacturing and driving change for machine builders and equipment manufacturers.

This ebook describes each of these in detail:

  • Consumer-driven customization

  • Smart machines

  • Hyperautomation

  • Global competition and new business models

The convergence of these manufacturing trends creates increasingly complex challenges for machine builders and equipment manufacturers – challenges requiring modern solutions.

Modern manufacturing industry solutions

Current industry challenges require modern, multi-faceted solutions capable of turning these complex challenges into a key competitive advantage.

This ebook highlights low-code solutions for five approaches to different stages of machine building:

  • Advanced machine engineering

  • Intelligent performance engineering

  • Digital parts production

  • Smart manufacturing

  • Service lifecycle and analytics

When machine builders and equipment manufacturers harness the power of low-code and digitalization, complexity becomes an opportunity to improve machine flexibility, reliability, production speed and connectivity.

Integrate engineering and manufacturing with low-code technology

Low-code technology provides the perfect foundation for machine builders and equipment manufacturers to strengthen their product development and machine performance capabilities.

It opens new opportunities in their digital transformation journey, so they can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Get this ebook and learn about:

  • The four major trends driving change for machine builders

  • Challenges machine builders face as they futureproof their plans

  • Industry solutions to overcome challenges and drive growth

  • The future with low-code solutions