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Balance cost, sustainability, quality and speed with new products

Make the new product introduction (NPI) process more efficient

Component and equipment manufacturers must constantly innovate and introduce new products to meet customer requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

These new products are smarter, and they meet new energy efficiency and sustainability regulations.

To accomplish this and maintain high-quality standards, component and equipment manufacturers are adopting digital solutions to stay competitive.

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Digitalize your NPI process and get to market faster

The NPI process can be time-consuming and complex. Different engineering domains need to work together and align on product requirements in a timely manner.

Bottlenecks inevitably appear during these early stages, but it's also where the right digital tools can help standardize processes and foster collaboration.

Creating and employing a digital twin, or 3D mockup, of a component accelerates the development and design of new products. At the same time, engineers can use the digital twin of an established product to create new configurations capable of meeting new customer requirements.

Change your NPI process with the right digital tools

Global competition is only growing, which is why component and equipment manufacturers need the right digital tools to help manage the NPI process with ease.

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  • Drive greater collaboration and alignment on new product development

  • Achieve product consistency with NPI process standardization

  • Create a comprehensive digital twin

  • Integrate CAD, CAM, simulation, quality and manufacturing systems

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