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Build highly customized machines with Intelligent Performance Engineering

Machinery manufacturers face many challenges around keeping pace with demands for more flexible and customized manufacturing equipment that is required to produce more personalized and differentiated consumer products. As equipment manufacturers try to deliver machines with faster cycle rates and delivery schedules are being compressed, teams are feeling pressure to do more simulation up front rather than test physical prototypes and assume the physical tests are enough.

Data driven smart manufacturing

Improving the performance of smart machines requires multidisciplinary collaboration and simulation across a wide range of physics and disciplines under one umbrella. This gives you the ability to capture not only all the complexities of different types of physics but also enables multi-physics simulations around domains, including mechanical, electrical and electronic systems. These cross-domain mechatronic simulations can enable the predesign of systems, improving sizing and integration, balancing performance and validating controls logic before the machine is built.

Embrace the power of digitalization

Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) is a comprehensive digital thread designed to help industrial machine manufacturers embrace the power of digitalization and manage the complexities of building the next generation of machines, with lower cost and risk. This is accomplished by improving the following:

  • Multi-Physics Simulation
  • Integrated Design and Simulation
  • Closed-Loop Validation

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