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Machine builders embrace the digital twin

Get to market faster and build smarter, more flexible machines of the future

As industrial machine customers demand smarter, more flexible machines and equipment, engineers need the right tools to design and build more complex products.

Digital solutions combine electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering capabilities to create a comprehensive digital twin.

This ebook highlights how companies are adapting to a changing industrial machinery industry and then succeeding by embracing new tools and solutions capable of creating a digital twin.

Learn about the digital twin in manufacturing and how it’s helping engineers design and build tomorrow’s machines faster than ever before in this insightful ebook.

Building a digital twin in manufacturing

Combining mechanical, electrical, electronic, and automation data in a single solution creates a comprehensive digital twin.

This digital twin can be used throughout the lifecycle of a machine, from the initial concept to the end of service, and the subsequent collaboration across engineering domains improves overall quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

When your 3D CAD software connects to your other digital solutions like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, collaboration becomes second nature, and designers, engineers and simulation experts can get a better look at an entire project.

The digital twin serves as a single source of truth, eliminating any need to enter data into multiple systems.

Digital twin manufacturing software results in building a better product

When engineering teams can work concurrently from the same set of data, from design to analysis, through manufacturing, automation, and commissioning, it allows for seamless and productive collaboration.

The digital twin of an entire machine, piece of equipment, or a single part results in smarter, more flexible machines with overall improved quality. And it can get into the market and put into operation much more quickly.

Learn more about the digital twin in manufacturing and how it’s helped machine builders, equipment manufacturers, and parts providers improve their processes throughout the lifecycle of their products in this informative ebook.