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Leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for better energy management

Energy management solutions to increase efficiency and reduce consumption

New energy analysis tools make it easier than ever to improve energy management and meet decarbonization initiatives.

Energy costs continue to rise, governments are passing new regulations, and a global outcry for more responsible operations grows louder.

IIoT solutions can help companies overcome these challenges while providing several additional benefits in the process.

There’s no better time than now to adapt.

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Streamlining energy management with Siemens software solutions

Most energy management insights to improve operations aren’t proactive enough because comprehending the relationship between energy consumption and operations isn’t that easy.

An Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution integrated with design, simulation, and production operation applications can be successful.

It accounts for all the data from inception to operation and everything in between.

Insights gained from energy consumption patterns can help improve operational efficiency, meet energy standards, and lower the carbon footprint.

Global energy consumption: Understanding the trends and their impact

Four major trends in global energy consumption are driving how manufacturing companies choose to move forward.

  1. Rising energy costs

  2. Compliance with laws and regulations

  3. Renewable energy sources

  4. Demand for responsibility

These trends create certain challenges, but forward-thinking companies are able to recognize new opportunities for change and growth.

Challenges in energy management: What you need to know

Successfully implementing an energy management system is a complex process with a list of challenges to overcome.

  • The most common challenges include:

  • Lack of data transparency

  • Inability to collect data for analysis

  • Inability to analyze and interpret data

  • Lack of enterprise-wide solutions for energy management across multiple plants

  • Hard-to-achieve energy management goals

  • Difficulty scaling

The right energy management software can help any company rise above these challenges and accomplish its goals.

Creating a data-driven solution for energy management

For better energy management and improved operational efficiency, companies need to know their starting point, and that begins with good data.

Companies can use IoT to connect machines, energy meters, products, plants, and systems to collect energy usage data in near real-time, making energy flows more transparent.

From there, analytics tools help users identify areas for improvement and uncover ways to reduce energy usage.

Throughout the process, energy consumption can be optimized across production lines, individual assets, and even multiple sites around the world.

Optimizing energy management through Insight Hubs

Insight Hubs is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a service solution from Siemens, and it allows users to connect machines, gather and analyze data and implement those findings into action.

A comprehensive energy management solution like this can get implemented quickly, so users can:

  • Monitor energy usage

  • Optimize production operations

  • Calculate CO2 output

  • Verify energy invoices

Get this free ebook, and start managing energy usage more effectively, improving operational efficiency, and moving toward a more sustainable organization.