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Leverage data and gain insights with IIoT

How small business can leverage Industrial IoT to stay profitable

It’s imperative that smaller competitors adopt management strategies that reduce design, development, and manufacturing costs to keep pace with their powerful competitors.

Implementing an industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution can overcome such challenges. However, you may still be unclear precisely what an IIoT solution entails. What will the impact be? Is it secure? Can we afford it? Download this ebook to discover how Siemens solutions support small and medium businesses.

Improve visibility into equipment availability and productivity to maximize performance

Typically, smaller businesses underspend on the software needed to monitor and manage their operations. This lack of investment means they cannot efficiently monitor cycle time or machine performance while maintaining quality and regulatory compliance, and this can result in costly overruns, missed deliveries, increased downtime, or quality issues. Such factors can negatively impact customer commitments, cause market share and revenue loss, or hinder growth.

Siemens’ Connected Manufacturing solution allows businesses to implement IIoT and cloud technologies to connect, monitor and operate all aspects of their business, enabling them to make better, strategic business decisions to maximize profits.

How to improve profitability with IIoT

Adopting a connected strategy and connecting to the IIoT provides small and medium-sized businesses access to vast quantities of actionable data for measuring machine availability and performance. This data provides design teams with real-time insights from advanced analytics enhancing equipment design.

IIoT provides continuous visibility into energy usage across the enterprise, enabling businesses to track and optimize energy consumption, comply with customer mandates and government regulations, and reduce costs by equipping businesses with the means to increase energy efficiency.

Download this free ebook to learn more!