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Improve the medical device labeling & UDI process

Mislabeling continues to be a leading cause of medical device recalls and manufacturers struggle to coordinate labeling data across their organizations. This can lead to issues within product design, production, inspection and compliance functions.

Manage medical device labeling complexity with an integrated solution. This unique solution based on our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Medical Devices tool can help your company reduce compliance risks and time to market, simplify the unique device identification (UDI) process and more.

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Level up medical device labeling management and traceability

Siemens has created a data-driven solution to assist control the complexity of labeling and UDI submissions. With digital control across applications and departments, our end-to-end labeling and UDI solution removes redundant processes and data. This solution can help your company:

  • Reduce compliance risks and time to market

  • Simplify the UDI process to comply with regulations

  • Manage the medical device labeling process to support workflows

Control medical device labelling complexity with end-to-end labeling

Several companies use static labeling systems that are more focused on graphic design tools than label content management. From risk analysis through the eDHR, Siemens' integrated Labeling & UDI system offers the flexibility to create and regulate labeling data across the lifetime. In addition, we have created a dedicated medical device labeling mechanism to satisfy the industry's particular regulatory needs, notably with regard to the design and production of factory labels.

A look at Siemens labeling management

  • Provides access to a controlled, pre-approved digital asset library

  • Integrated design and digital asset authoring tools with PLM

  • Maintains master system of record from edh & COM into BOP and eDHR

And more!