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Regain control with integrated project planning

Shipbuilding projects are becoming increasingly complex as demand for high-tech and multi-purpose vessels increases. This growing complexity means shipbuilders must have an integrated project planning solution in place. Not having one can spell disaster, with costs spiraling out of control and timelines getting delayed.

Shipyard management system

Having a shipyard management system that houses all program management data in one place can turn complexity into a competitive advantage. Taking a systems approach means that shipbuilders can learn from past projects and incorporate those learnings into future ones. It also provides visibility throughout the process and avoids the dreaded scope creep.

Project cost integration

An integrated project planning and execution solution includes cost integration along with schedule and technical requirements. Integrating the three allows teams to make correct assumptions and faster decisions

Centralize project bidding

Taking a systems approach to project planning can help centralize project bidding. Having a central database that houses information from previous bids helps shipbuilders incorporate lessons learned from previous projects and supports continuous process improvements.

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