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Drive innovation in machinery with simulation driven product design

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Factories and plants around the world are looking at how digital transformation can help them innovate in response to changing customer demands, the adoption of new technology, and global competition. This is driving demand for more intelligent, flexible, configurable, and automated industrial machinery equipment. Industrial machinery companies will need to develop new simulation driven product design practices to keep pace with the growing complexity of these machines.

Design flexibility & the digital twin

Intelligent Performance Engineering provides a connected digital thread that can help automate the processes of sharing information between design teams, analysts, production test teams, and service engineers. This allows teams to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of product variations in the most flexible and efficient way.

Machine Performance Optimization

Improving the performance of smart machines requires multidisciplinary collaboration and simulation across a wide range of physics and disciplines under one umbrella. This allows designers and simulation engineers to use a primary model concept of the same models across tools and keep simulation data in sync with design. Better integration between design and simulation tools can help automate the workflow for exploring the machine performance optimization tradeoffs of new design ideas, design changes, or what-if analysis scenarios.

Optimize Processes and Collaboration with Intelligent Performance Engineering

Developing industrial machines requires finding the best balance between productivity, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Being able to do that digitally can help you innovate more effectively and deliver higher quality machines than your competitors.

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