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Integrated Approach to Machine Design, Project management & Configuration

Cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for machine builders overcomes siloed processes and places them in a single, easily accessible location.

An integrated approach to machine design is more important than ever as customer requirements become more complex and global competition increases.

By placing project management, machine configuration, and bill of materials reuse within a connected platform, engineers can focus more of their time on what’s important.

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Multi-Disciplinary Machine Design Management

PLM for machine builders encourages collaboration for improved multi-disciplinary design management.

When mechanical, electrical, and automation engineers can work from the same plans on the same platform, machine builders hit important project milestones on time and avoid costly bottlenecks that delay projects.

Multi-disciplinary machine design management is made even more seamless with a PLM SaaS solution.

With instant-on capabilities and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, collaboration becomes second nature as machine builders have access to project, process, and requirements management when they need it.

Modular Approach to Machine Engineering

Adopt a modular approach to machine engineering to begin streamlining future builds and deliver to market faster.

When machine builders can select and lightly customize their modules and then store project data and bill of materials (BOM) information, they can reuse their work on projects of similar scope.

Additionally, modules already proven in the field will have higher reliability, and machine builders can more accurately quote more orders to expand profitability.

PLM for machine builders facilitates a modular approach to machine engineering by providing a single location for data, requirements, and collaboration.

Product Lifecycle Management Tool for Machine Builders

Increase productivity with the right product lifecycle management tool for machine builders.

With a secure, modern, and scalable PLM tool, machine builders can reduce costs, save time, and optimize their resources.

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A small investment in the right solution can result in a giant leap for their business.