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Improve manufacturing processes with IoT and low-code

The industrial Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way manufacturers operate and improve the manufacturing process. In fact, it’s estimated IoT will generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.

However, industrial IoT is not ‘one size fits all.’ A low-code application development platform allows companies to enhance and optimize their IoT by creating personalized IoT app solutions.

Download this ebook to learn how Insights Hub, the industrial IoT as a service solution, plus Mendix, the low-code application development platform, is the ideal partnership for every organization, regardless of size or industry.

IT OT collaboration

IoT environments are often siloed from other systems, but Insights Hub and Mendix make IT and OT collaboration possible. These systems can communicate with each other as well as with external systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, SAPs and more. This combined analysis allows for more actionable insights, improved customer experiences, and streamlined operations.

Solve design challenges in IoT with low code

Mendix is an industry-leading, all-in-one, low-code application development platform that helps organizations solve design challenges in IoT by building multi-experience, enterprise-grade applications at scale. The platform is designed to accelerate the entire development lifecycle, from ideation to deployment and operation, while enabling collaboration at each step.

Developers of varying skill levels can create multi-experience applications, without writing a single line of code, to help address the demand for solutions across the organization. Built to leverage the Mendix application platform, Insights Hub enables the Siemens organization, its global partner ecosystem and its customers to quickly build and integrate personalized IoT applications.

Benefits of integrating Siemens Mendix and Siemens Insights Hub

Learn more about the five key benefits of integrating Siemens Insights Hub and Siemens Mendix to improve the value of your industrial IoT:

  1. Empower people: Citizen developers can leverage the clean integration between Insights Hub and Mendix to improve workflows and processes.
  2. Improve IT/OT connectivity: Learn how connected features in Insights Hub and Mendix allow for more actionable insights.
  3. Expand app ecosystem: Use the apps you create to streamline external processes and build new business relationships.
  4. Improve legacy tools: Connect old and new data sources to create new apps or augment existing ones.
  5. Personalize solutions: Learn how Mendix enables users to create native apps with the features and capabilities customers and employees require.

Download the ebook to learn how anyone can enhance IoT implementation with low-code application platforms.