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Innovation in Beauty & Cosmetic Product Manufacturing with Integrated Project Management


Beauty & cosmetics is one of the most competitive consumer product markets. This is an industry that has seen significant and rapid growth in recent years and has the potential for further expansion. Beauty and cosmetics companies are getting more innovative in order to enhance their cosmetic product offerings in response to new consumer needs. Accelerating innovation in beauty and cosmetics is critical.

This eBook explores the advantages of applying integrated program and lifecycle management to help you launch your products to market faster.

Explore the latest trends in Beauty and Cosmetic production and product management

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to address retail disruption, globalization, sustainability, and innovation as market trends in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry.

  • What are the consumer age demographics and primary drivers of what they search for in new products and brands?

  • The advantages of implementing integrated program and lifecycle management, as well as how to transform into a real digital organization in order to meet expanding market demands, boost revenues, and gain market share.

What is integrated program and lifecycle management in beauty and cosmetic manufacturing?

Integrated program and lifecycle management (IPLM) is a digital thread that links data and processes together.

Companies looking for innovation in the Beauty and Cosmetics industry will be able to understand the interaction between:

  • Brand portfolio management

  • Program management

  • Project management

  • Product lifecycle management

Benefits of integrating project management and product lifecycle management (PLM)

Most enterprise applications and independent solutions fall short of meeting the funnel requirements for innovation in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry. Quality, costs, and sustainability are being compromised in the overall process. Several solutions provide traditional project management capabilities, but a comprehensive picture is missing. An innovative method integrates project management and product lifecycle management. This will allow businesses to more efficiently leverage their intellectual property and deliver new product ventures to market.