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Productivity improvement in the manufacturing industry with model-based definition

In an age of doing more with less time, machine builders and equipment manufacturers must find new ways to improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency.

A model-based definition (MBD) is a 3D model annotated with product and manufacturing information, and it can replace the traditional drawing as design documentation.

Implementing model-based design engineering has been shown to result in productivity improvement in the manufacturing industry.

This extensive report shows what portion of manufacturers are pursuing MBD initiatives, how and where it’s being implemented, and the impact it’s had on business efficiency.

Productivity improvement in manufacturing industry

Simply adopting an MBD while still using old drawing-based processes won’t deliver the productivity improvements the manufacturing industry desires.

It takes employing model-based practices across procurement, manufacturing, service, and more to maximize the value of a model-based definition.

That’s why model-based practices are gaining momentum in manufacturing.

They help product development better balance time and tasks along every step of the development process, accelerating time to market, reducing production costs, satisfying customers, and more.

Accelerate time to market with model-based design engineering

Manufacturers need better ways to manage overall processes as product development demands increase.

Improvements to design documentation like model-based design engineering initiatives can help to accelerate time to market, avoid unnecessary downstream delays, address complex requirements, and lower production costs.

All of this and more can be accomplished when the MBD is used across the organization.

The MBD may be created with engineering during the product development phase, but procurement, machining and tooling, quality, and others in the product lifecycle can make use of the MBD to further reduce the time to market.

Learn how model-based practices can help reduce time to market

The research in this report has found the sooner machine builders implement model-based engineering practices, the faster they realize productivity improvement in manufacturing.

This study highlights the value of model-based design engineering is dependent on how completely an organization implements an MBD initiative.

Download the full report and learn how to get the most out of any MBD efforts.