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Increase design efficiency for faster production software verification

Verification is an important part of software development. It is the quality control that occurs during construction and is often used to determine if, upon completion, a product will fulfill its intended purpose.

In an ideal testing environment, developers could start programming pre-silicon and be able to independently run code in real time from their desktops. While around for years, prototyping systems based on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) often lack modularity and scalability needed.

The Veloce proFPGA high performance, modular, and scalable desktop prototyping platform empowers design teams to outperform and outpace the competition.

Making FPGA prototyping work for early software development

Off-the-shelf field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are static, inflexible, and disconnected. Set-up requires additional effort to connect to the other tools necessary for verification.

Four ways the Veloce proFPGA system differs from prototyping tools of the past:

  • High performance and speed

  • Ease of set-up

  • Modularity and configurability

  • Scalability

Download this ebook to learn more about the Veloce proFPGA verification tool.