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Improve industrial machinery engineering productivity with product lifecycle management software

Manufacturing product lifecycle management software

Today’s industrial machinery includes mechanical components, electronics, and software.

Making sense of these complex machines while improving machine efficiency, reliability, and more has become increasingly challenging.

Instead of innovating, engineers are spending more time on non-value-added work that results in lost productivity.

This ebook, “Reducing engineering time wasters in industrial machinery,” outlines the most common tasks engineers waste their time on and shows how tools like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can help improve productivity.

Manufacturing product lifecycle management software eliminates these engineering time wasters

Industrial machine engineers are tasked with creating, designing, and improving manufacturing machines, equipment, components, and parts, but different types of distractions slow them down, hindering productivity.

A recent study uncovered the most common engineering time wasters:

  • Time spent on non-value-added work

  • Interruptions to answer questions, share data, and provide updates

  • Poor collaboration across the development team

  • Change orders and fixing errors from outdated information

  • Manual processes creating a bottleneck

All these time wasters have real impacts on businesses, but product lifecycle management software can reduce or eliminate all of them.

What is product lifecycle management software and how does it improve productivity?

Product lifecycle management software provides businesses with a single source of truth for a product.

Users can visit a single location to view and manage a product’s entire lifecycle from the creation, design, and manufacturing to the support, service, and eventual retirement.

A centralized location for information allows information sharing internally and with external organizations as needed.

A PLM solution also improves collaboration and automates many tedious, manual engineering tasks.

A complete PLM solution increases transparency across a company and improves engineering productivity, all of which can help organizations hit more deadlines, lower costs and innovate more.

Get this free ebook and learn more about product lifecycle management software, including how it can help, how other companies are using it, and how to begin implementing a solution to fit your needs.