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How-to guide: Design release and accelerating the engineering design review for aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industry is experiencing significant change. The increasing complexity of today’s aerospace and defense products has many companies struggling to hit design release deadlines.

In this ebook by Lifecycle Insights, learn how you can:

  • Create a single source of truth for aircraft design requirements

  • Manage design updates and review in one centralized location

  • Automate manual tasks to streamline the design process

  • Provide easy and secure access to design documents

Download the ebook now to find out how you can speed up engineering design reviews while reducing errors.

The importance of design release in aerospace and defense product development

Design release is a critical milestone in aerospace and defense product development. Design releases today are becoming increasingly complex due to how connected products are and the various mechanical, electrical, electronic and software components they include.

Engineers across both internal and external teams must collaborate to create innovative products designs. Once that process is complete, the design team releases the design deliverables to enable the next steps in the development process, notably certification. The design release documents are incredibly important, and releasing them on-time is crucial.

Companies investing in the right product lifecycle management (PLM) software have found ways to decrease time to market, improve their brands, get higher marks for customer service and increase their profit margins.

How design release should leverage the digital twin

With the growing complexity of aerospace and defense products, there is a growing quantity and diversity of design teams, all of which have their own requirements. Without a common digital thread, product definitions and design documents have traditionally been relayed through emails and shared drives. But this can result in outdated files that introduce errors and ultimately delay design release.

An aerospace PLM solution helps enable a comprehensive digital twin. Through the digital twin, an unambiguous product definition is available to all stakeholders. The PLM system can automatically assign review tasks while maintaining updates and communications in one place. This can help ensure more projects hit design release.

Engineering design review from anywhere with SaaS PLM solutions

A PLM solution can facilitate faster and better design reviews and ultimately help aerospace and defense companies reach design release faster. However, a cloud-based Saas PLM solution has even more benefits, including:

  • Efficiency: Tailored solutions to meet specific needs

  • Productivity: In-depth understanding of company workflow

  • Fast implementation: Immediate access through a browser

  • Distributed total ownership: Subscriptions don’t require a large, upfront technology investment

  • Extended collaboration: Enable input from internal and external stakeholders

  • Security: Intellectual property remains secure

Download the ebook now to learn more about how PLM solutions can accelerate design release for aerospace and defense companies.