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How to expedite the change process with cloud-based PLM solutions

Traditional design and data management approaches that rely on disconnected documents make it difficult for stakeholders to share information, meet shifting target requirements and mitigate risk in shipbuilding. Product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions provide a centralized design and data management system to offer shipbuilders a more efficient way to manage critical changes.

This Lifecycle Insights ebook, “How Do I Accelerate the Engineering Change Process? Expediting the Change Process with Cloud-based SaaS Solutions,” explores how PLM solutions can improve data management and collaboration across the ship lifecycle. Discover how this approach can help shipbuilders keep quality high, shorten design stages and reduce costs.

Streamline changes with a multi-track approach

Approving changes to a ship’s design is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Typically, it’s easier to make decisions about low-cost changes rather than higher-cost ones. However, the traditional single-track change process which treats all changes as equal significantly slows the process and delays the delivery date. Implementing a multi-track change process allows shipbuilding companies to move quickly on low-cost changes while still treating higher-cost and impactful changes with more diligence and executive oversight. This flexible approach reduces the time and effort required to implement changes.

Evaluate changes against all product requirements

Successful change management requires the ability to validate changes across all product requirements and clearly communicate those changes and their design implications to all stakeholders. Modern PLM solutions that capture all product requirements and connect stakeholders via a digital thread help streamline these processes. The solution can capture evaluations and recommendations and share them with involved stakeholders — automatically updating the requirement checklist and ensuring that everyone stays in the loop.

Optimize change management processes with SaaS solutions

Cloud-based SaaS solutions enable shipbuilders to access design data, evaluate changes against requirements and successfully execute change orders quickly and securely. These customizable PLM solutions make it easy to connect internal and external stakeholders while boosting their productivity by leveraging artificial intelligence/machine learning to predict and correct potential issues.

Download Lifecycle Insight’s ebook to learn more about the plethora of advantages of using PLM solutions to facilitate change management.