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Achieve quality excellence with new product introductions

Equipment and component manufacturers are embedding quality into their processes

Launching a new product cost-effectively and quickly while meeting quality standards can be challenging.

The new product introduction (NPI) process is disconnected and time-consuming for many machine equipment and component manufacturers.

Integrating quality management best practices throughout the design and development and into manufacturing and production results in more reliable products.

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Tools for improving the new product development process

Manufacturers can realize greater alignment and collaboration with the right software solutions.

When different departments have a better understanding of each other's needs, workflows become streamlined with automated tasks and frequent quality checks.

An integrated quality management approach accelerates development and delivery processes, allowing manufacturers to increase their output without sacrificing consistency and product reliability.

Continuous quality improvement for new product development

Using a digital twin of a component or piece of equipment opens up new possibilities for improved quality.

With a digital twin, manufacturers can begin implementing closed-loop processes to drive consistency, reliability and quality for all new product development.

A closed-loop approach allows for new quality management best practices across the entire new product lifecycle.

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