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How low-code solutions help accelerate industrial machinery’s digital transformation

An Effective Tool for Speeding Up Industrial Machinery's Digital Transformation

Leading manufacturers are embracing machine builder software to adapt to consumer-driven customization, smart machines, hyper-automation, and increased global competition.

More specifically, low-code software and multi-experience application development allow machine builders to create applications to complement existing software services.

With a low-code platform, machine builders can assemble digital experiences to simplify customer engagement, automate workflows, and more.

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Industrial Transformation challenges machine builders face as they futureproof their plans

This ebook outlines how different industrial machinery trends are converging to create four challenges machine builders need to overcome to futureproof their business.

  • Flexibility: Modern machines need to meet customer requirements with expanding options and capabilities designed to improve changeover speeds.

  • Reliability: More complex machines have more components and variables that make it challenging to ensure machines consistently produce every day.

  • Production speed and productivity: Machine builders are consistently looking for new ways of improving efficiency, and achieving maximum output with minimal expense.

  • Connectivity: Connected machines using industrial IoT, smart sensors, cloud analytics, and more help to overcome other challenges and open up new revenue opportunities.

An industrial transformation is already underway, and the machine builders, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and customers who embrace these changes will find it easier to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Low-Code Software Solutions that can overcome smart manufacturing challenges and drive growth

Low-code software solutions like Mendix are helping machine builders keep pace with the global competition.

That's because low-code software has the ability to touch every aspect of machine building – from engineering and testing to building the parts or manufacturing the whole machine and finally servicing the machine once it's in operation.

Machine builders can quickly create tailored solutions to meet their needs and the needs of their customers with low-code software.

Tapping into technology opens up new ways of overcoming current challenges, new possibilities to move faster and more efficiently, and new business models for revenue creation.

What the future can look like with low-code development for industrial transformation

Low-code development provides the perfect foundation for machine builders to strengthen their product development and machine performance capabilities.

It opens new opportunities across every aspect of machine building, from the design phase to manufacturing and operation.

With low-code development like Mendix, machine builders can take the necessary steps in their digital transformation journey to meet tomorrow's challenges today.

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