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How do I coordinate design across engineering disciplines?

Improve cross-domain collaboration with cloud PLM software

Industrial machinery companies must coordinate the work of their engineering teams across domains throughout the design process while aligning with other internal departments and external stakeholders.

Some companies seek to improve product development through digital transformation initiatives. However, they need the right foundation to achieve those benefits. Data management systems are a part of that foundation because they provide a common digital thread connecting design, engineering, manufacturing, and service.

In this ebook, learn how software as a service (SaaS) product lifecycle management (PLM) helps to overcome the challenges of coordinating across engineering disciplines.

Collaboration across engineering disciplines with product data management software

The use of cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions can help industrial machinery companies better keep up with evolving product designs. The collaboration capabilities offered in PLM solutions provides design teams an alternative method to cloud-based sharing and storing engineering data in shared drives.

The success of any smart, connected product hinges on the design team’s ability to share information quickly and efficiently. Any product development process needs to support synergistic collaboration between different teams and stakeholders.

In this ebook, discover how engineers can experience a superior cross-functional product development process with PLM software.

Cloud PLM software enables a comprehensive digital twin

A comprehensive digital twin is a key enabler for early and frequent collaboration.

A digital twin is a digital representation of a product used to design, simulate and measure product process and performance.

This cloud-based PLM software allows internal and external stakeholders to share a clear definition of the design in each engineering domain so everyone stays on the same page.

Working with customers, suppliers and partners using SaaS product lifecycle management solutions

SaaS PLM platforms allow customers, suppliers, and other partners access to the latest engineering design data based on their specific roles. Industrial machinery companies benefit in multiple ways. People inside and outside the organization can view the latest files within the application even if they don’t have the necessary software. This mitigates the risk of working from outdated or inaccurate data passed along in emails.

Cloud-based SaaS PLM solutions help companies stay up-to-date with the latest design data, support a collaborative effort between internal and external stakeholders and provide the opportunity for data to be secure and accessible in one centralized location.