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Accelerate design by deploying a multi-disciplinary design approach

Innovations in today's heavy equipment usually increase complexity in the form of greater interactions between mechanics, electronics, and software. That complexity is unmanageable in an organization where various teams are disconnected, working in silos with their own tools and processes. Manufacturers can counteract this issue by deploying an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach that enables the simultaneous design of mechanics, electronics, and software.

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Combining electrical design software and mechanical design software

Innovations in heavy equipment machines, such as electrification, increases the interaction between mechanical and electrical components, requiring the respective design teams to closely collaborate. Electrical design software and mechanical design must be part of the same environment, with common access to shared data. This will allow them to progress in parallel, taking each other’s design decisions into consideration. They can for example overlap model views from one tool into the other, increasing productivity on both sides.

Leverage CAD software to create simulation models

As part of an integrated software approach, on the engineering side of design, there must be multidisciplinary performance optimization. This requires the computer-aided design (CAD) software platform to feature simulation capabilities that can represent and couple all relevant physics for the performance aspects that are subject to analysis. By making such features accessible through CAD and keeping associativity, design engineers are given the tools early in the process that contribute to decisions otherwise taken at later stages.

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