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How do I justify a digital transformation in manufacturing?

Manufacturers are embracing solutions to improve their heavy equipment design processes to remain competitive in today’s global market. But how do you justify a digital transformation using software-as-a-service (SaaS) PLM solutions instead of an on-premises model?

Demystify cloud-based SaaS PLM for heavy equipment as this ebook showcases the advantages and answers questions managers often have about the benefits of this option.

Benefits of PLM solutions

Adopting a PLM solution opens many avenues to value. Such solutions enable heavy equipment companies to efficiently:

  • Manage product design data and bills of materials (BOM)

  • Collaborate across engineering disciplines

  • Implement change management

While on-premises PLM models have historically been the most popular solutions, more companies are embracing SaaS solutions due to several advantages.

SaaS PLM solutions allow for flexibility

One of the key advantages of SaaS PLM solutions is the flexibility to try out features without having to commit to a perpetual license. Product development teams can easily add and remove users and test out new PLM functionalities. Teams are also able to add on functionalities for short periods of time and only pay for the extra capability when it’s being used, allowing companies to start small, accessing and paying for only the capabilities that they truly need.

To read more about how SaaS PLM can help heavy equipment companies secure their data and share it effectively within remote work environments, download this ebook.