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Engineering design software for heavy equipment

Is your design process under pressure because of product complexity and increased demand for customization? By connecting program managers, team leaders, and designers via a common platform, up-to-date information can be shared using engineering design software. Capture, share and maintain requirements in an integrated repository that participates in standard product lifecycle management services.

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Ensure heavy equipment complies with regulations

As numerous local variants exist around the world, ensuring heavy equipment complies with regulations is a challenge. But if product groups understand the similarities and differences across regions, they can translate them into a set that is more concise and easier to work with. This can help to set up processes for automated design to regulatory requirements. You can also help your customers comply with regulations regarding emissions.

Achieve design excellence using CAD software

In order to achieve design excellence using CAD software a few imperatives should be considered throughout the entire design process, including:

  • Keeping everyone continuously focused on the requirements

  • Taking a systematic approach to verification and validation

  • Connecting planning and execution to continuously keep track of decisions, deliverables, status, risks, and opportunities

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