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Achieve synergies between design and manufacturing for heavy equipment companies

Digital innovations have put new pressures on heavy equipment companies by multiplying the variety of components, suppliers, and customization requests. To protect your margins, you must grab every opportunity to save costs. Improving the performance of your manufacturing process can make a huge difference in both efficiency and profitability.

Discover how you can achieve synergies between design and manufacturing, and leverage common information back and forth between design and execution to realize massive time and cost savings.

Industry trends and changes in design for manufacturing

Electrification. Sustainability. Autonomy. These are all industry trends that result in changes in design for manufacturing. But applying them requires design and manufacturing to collaborate closely, sharing know-how and experiences.

Download this ebook to learn more about some of these solutions that can improve the performance of your smart manufacturing process:

  • Frontload developing your manufacturing process

  • Speak a common digital language

  • Discover manufacturability issues and opportunities earlier

  • Manage change as one team