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Taking heavy equipment bill of materials to the cloud

Managing multi-domain product BOM content, CAD designs, and visualizing your products in a single environment is becoming the standard.

An integrated, multi-disciplinary design approach with tools and workflows can ensure everyone works with shared models and common data, saving time on downstream activities.

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How organizations manage enterprise BOM technology today

Organizations manage their enterprise BOM technology in a variety of ways. Many companies use PLM solutions to manage design and part management while many more still use internally developed systems. The majority utilize a separate BOM for each product variant which forces companies to duplicate BOM data each time a variant is added and maintain this data as changes are made throughout the lifecycle.

Why the time is now for cloud PLM software

Product complexity can strain users who author and interact with the product bill of materials (BOM). As the product evolves, the BOM must be managed and reconciled across mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software domains. Cloud options offer a viable alternative to self-managed, on-premises PLM deployments.

The time is now for cloud PLM software as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment model may help you overcome the hurdles of implementation and ownership.

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